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Copyright 2017 Colyford & District Photographic Club

Colyford & District Photographic Club

Constitution & Rules December 2017


The Club shall be named the Colyford & District Photographic Club.  The Objectives of the Club are to provide a forum to promote and encourage the study and practice of all forms of photography, photographic art and techniques by exchanging ideas,  advice and assistance amongst members, organising and providing the facilities to hold lectures and demonstrations and to participate in competitions.

The Club shall meet most weeks from Mid-September to Mid-July the following year. A Summer Programme of outings shall be arranged.



To enjoy the benefits of the Club a person must become a Member. Membership of the Club shall be open to any person interested in, or practising photography, both amateur and professional, who agrees to support the Club’s objectives and abide by the Club’s rules. A person applying for membership must complete an application form and may attend the Club on up to three occasions before paying a subscription. The Committee reserves the right to reject an application for membership and to terminate an existing membership for inappropriate behaviour or acting against the interests of the Club. In the case of Prejudicial behaviour, the Committee shall form a Quorum to discuss such matters before a decision is made. In the case of an adverse ruling, then the Subscription fees already paid shall not be refunded under such circumstances.

The Committee may confer Honorary Life Membership to a member for outstanding service

to the Club.




Members shall pay an annual subscription fee recommended by the Treasurer and agreed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the forthcoming year or by an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). All subscriptions from existing members shall be due by the end of

September. If the renewal subscription is not received by this time, membership shall be deemed to have lapsed unless special circumstances can be proven. New members applying for membership after 1st January shall pay  a proprotion of the annual subscription.





The day-to-day running of the Club shall be managed by an Executive Committee comprising the following officials: Chairperson; Vice-Chairperson; Honorary  Secretary; Honorary Treasurer; Internal Competitions’ Secretary; External Competitions’ Secretary; Publicity and Marketing Officer; and Ordinary Members without portfolio, who may bedelegated special responsibilities by the Chairperson., also Web Maintenance Officer may be appointed by the committee and report to them as required.



The Chairperson (Voluntary)  shall coordinate the work of the committee members. Five committee members shall form a quorum. The Chairperson shall have the casting vote. Committee members shall be elected at the AGM and may be selected en bloc. All the above committee posts are to be held for a period of service of no more than three years. After that time the post holder can be considered for another position on the committee.  The Chairperson shall be responsible, in liaison with the Secretary, for convening Committee meetings as required and when appropriate. In addition, committee meetings can be convened on the written request of three other committee members.  The Chairperson shall, acting as a leader and moderator, be responsible for ensuring that all such meetings of the Club are managed in an orderly fashion. He/she shall preside over the meeting and ensure that all those members taking part are given the opportunity to express their varying points of view and provide guidance to assist those present to make decisions in the best interests of the Club. The Chairperson must also ensure the meeting is not too long, off topic or otherwise unproductive.  The Chairperson shall usually introduce visiting speakers, judges and guests to members and whenever possible, represent the Club at Western Counties Photographic Federation, (WCPF) meetings along with the External Competitions Secretary.




The Vice-Chairperson (Voluntary) shall assist the Chairperson when requested. In particular, he/she shall stand in for the Chairperson when absent and undertake specific tasks when requested to do so. And whenever possible, represent the Club at Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF) meetings along with the External Competitions Secretary.



The Honorary Secretary (Voluntary) shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Club.  He/she shall work closely with the Chairperson, keeping an overview of the Club’s activities and ensuring meetings are well organised. The Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring the availability of suitable accommodation for all meetings and that any contractual  arrangements undertaken are in the Club’s best interests. He/she shall be the major line of communication with the membership and act as first point of contact for anybody wishing to join the Club. He/she shall be the Club’s major contact with the WCPF, other Photographic Clubs and non-photographic organisations. The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at AGMs, EGMs and committee meetings and for maintaining a minute’s book. He/she shall be responsible for ensuring such minutes and any other relevant papers are distributed to members in a timely manner.



The Honorary Treasurer  (Voluntary) shall be responsible for the Club’s finances. He/she shall keep a register of the names and addresses of the members of the Club and shall be responsible for keeping it up-to-date and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. At the beginning of each Club year, on the payment of a subscription, the Treasurer shall issue members with a Membership Card which shows they have paid and the Membership Number to be used in all Club competitions.  The financial year shall be from 1st May to 30th April the following year. The Treasurer shall be responsible for running the Club’s Current and Savings Accounts at the bank. He/she shall collect, account for and bank all monies paid to the Club; promptly pay any due invoices received from outside organisations; on receipt of a signed invoice, promptly reimburse any monies owed to Club members; keep an up-to-date Financial Statement and make this available to the Chairman on request; and present a Financial Statement to the Committee when requested and advise the Committee on all financial matters pertaining to the Club’s activities. Prior to the AGM, he/she shall advise the Committee on the following year’s subscription rate and shall present an Annual Financial Statement to the AGM. The Committee shall appoint an examiner to audit the financial statement and balance sheet.  The Treasurer shall ensure the Club’s Liability Insurance through the WCPF is paid each year and keep a copy of the policy for inspection if required.




The Internal Competitions’ Secretary (Voluntary) shall be responsible for all internal competitions held.He/she shall ensure all entries conform to the current competition rules, both digital and print, set by the Committee; that entries are wholly the work of the entrant and have not been previously used in a competition at the Club; that all entries are correctly labelled; and that all entries are correctly recorded in the Competitions’ Register and the winners duly noted. When external judges are required, he/she shall identify suitable candidates, determine the costs involved and obtain the Treasurer’s agreement to proceed. Towards the end of the Club year, the Internal Competitions’ Secretary shall identify the winning entries throughout the year for entry in the digital and print of the year competitions and be responsible for arranging for the engraving of the various trophies


The External Competitions’ Secretary (Voluntary) shall be responsible for the Club’s participation in competitions organised with other local clubs and for the Club’s entries in other external competitions both within and outside the WCPF area. He/she shall ensure all entries conform to rules set by the organising group and maintain a record of all entries to such competitions. Also represent the Club at Western Counties Photographic Federation (WCPF).


The Publicity and Marketing Officer  (Voluntary) shall be responsible for promoting the Club’s activities to a wider audience. He/she shall ensure details of the programme are displayed on the Club’s web-site and that the Club’s contact details are made available for publication in local newspapers and magazines.




An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held during the last week of June. Fourteen days-notice of the date of the meeting shall be given to members. Details of the agenda shall be circulated to members at least 7 days before the date of the meeting. Each member present shall have one vote. A quorum at the AGM shall be ten members.



An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be called at the discretion of the Committee, or on the written request of five Club members. Members shall be sent an agenda detailing why the meeting has been called at least 14 days before the date of the meeting. No business, other than that given in the agenda, shall be undertaken. A quorum at an EGM shall be ten members.



Changes to the Constitution/Rules can only be made at an AGM or an EGM.



Members must have paid a current subscription to enter competitions. Competition rules are published separately and shall be provided to all members as part of the programme at the start of the Club Year. Changes to competition rules shall only be undertaken by the Committee and verified at an AGM or EGM.




Dissolution of the Club shall require discussion at an EGM and take place only with the

approval of two thirds of paid up members present. If such a resolution is approved, Club

assets shall be sold and any monies remaining after the discharge of liabilities distributed

equally by the Treasurer to those members who have paid a full subscription for the year & Local Charitable organisations