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Copyright 2017 Colyford & District Photographic Club

1. Each member shall be entitled to enter 2 prints and 2 Digital images per internal Competitions. Images may only be allowed once in an internal competition, the image should only have been taken within five years of the competition.


2. Only Fully paid up members shall be entitled to enter the Competitions.


3. Special Genre’s Competitions may be presented from time to time, please consult your programme for these editions.


4. Copies-It is an infringement of copyright to take copies of photographs other than the photographers own work. Such prints cannot be entered for club competitions


5.   Print MOUNT sizes for all Competitions will be a maximum of 500mm x 400mm (20”x16”) this size will also be the preferred size for display, However smaller mount sizes will be accepted but please bear in mind your images will be displayed at a distance


6. Print may be commercially processed.


7. All Digital Images must be a .jpg file format and correctly sized at max 1400 pixels wide & 1050 pixels high which ever become the greater. (if unsure please ask to clarify).


8. Each Print and Digital image should be endorsed with the members number & image title, for example 09 Swan on Lake no full stops or hyphens etc,


9. The Author should ensure that the presented images is entirely their own work, there is no objection to the amount of manipulation.


10. All work submitted into competition must be titled, in order for it to be identified by the competition secretary.


11. Scoring will be marked using a scale from 1 to 20 points, at the judge’s discretion, The higher marks will be reserved for 1st 2nd & 3rd place. There will also be tags for Commended & highly Commended.


12. Any print mount thought to be of danger to other prints when stacked will be removed from the competition and returned to the author.


13. Both Prints & DPI’s (Digital Projected Image) scores will be added up separately at the end of the season where an award will be presented to the overall winner.


14. Other internal Competitions & awards will be introduced as we progress within the Club, such a Summer Rally trophy etc.

Colyford & District Photographic Club Competition Rules.