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Club Rules





2.The OBJECT of the club is to promote the interest of Photography, and shall be carried out by the means of Tutorials, Competitions and Outings.  Also by other means as decided upon from time to time.


3.MANAGEMENT – The Affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee. The Committee is elected at each Annual General Meeting. The Committee officers / members is then chosen for the next clubs season. Officers / members will be invited to remain in their position’s, for a maximum of three years providing a volunteer is available to take over.


4.The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING shall be in MARCH of each year


5.The COMMITTEE shall consist of:




Vice Chairman

Honourable Secretary

Honourable Treasurer

President  (If elected after Three years in office as Chairman)


Internal Competitions Secretary

External Competitions Secretary

Publicity Officer

Social Secretary

Programme Secretary

Training Organiser

At Committee meetings, Four shall form a Quorum of whom no less than two must be Officers. The Committee may Co-Opt additional helpers to the Committee when required.


7.A PRESIDENT shall be nominated by the outgoing Committee at their discretion, as an honour for services rendered to the Club, and appointed at the AGM. This office shall be held for along as the President requires.


8.The SECRETARY shall keep a record of all business transacted at all Annual General Meetings and Committee meetings.


9.FINANCE-  TREASURER shall be responsible for collecting subscriptions and all monies, and shall make all necessary payments. He / She shall lay before the Committee a `Statement of Accounts’ for the previous club season, duly Audited by some person appointed for the purpose at a General Meeting. Those audited accounts shall be available for inspection at the AGM.


10.The COMMITTEE shall have the power to recommend a General Meeting for the Election of such Honorary Members as deemed worthy,


11.MEMBERS shall at all times so order their conduct and behaviour as to uphold the dignity and good reputation of the club and safeguard the public interest in matters relevant to the art and practise of Photography.


12.MEMBERS shall exercise integrity and judgement to comply with matters of good taste and in respect of current definitions of indecency and pornography.


13.MEMBERS shall have due regard to safety, health and welfare of themselves, colleagues and the general public when undertaking photography whether as individuals or when participating in club activities.


14.No MEMBERS shall, without authority of the committee, use the clubs name, in any activity outside the clubs organised programme.


15.MEMBERS found to be discriminative, Libellous or aggressive or otherwise detrimental to the club or any individual member, shall be deemed Prejudicial to the Club, their membership will be rescinded.


16.Any MEMBERS found to have contravened the intent or spirit of these rules as laid out in rules 11-12-13-14 and 15 will be suspended or expelled from the club, as decided by, and at the discretion of the committee.


17.In the event of a BREACH of rules 11-12-13-14 or 15 a Quorum of three Committee members comprising of two officers of the club and one committee member, shall have the authority to suspend a member for the intervening period between the breach occurring and the next committee meeting.


18.The ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS shall be recommended by the outgoing committee each year and agreed at the AGM of the Club. Changes in subscription rates will be adopted effective from the Annual General Meeting and should be paid within the month commencing the new season following the AGM.  Subscription is based on a four tiered system as  follows:

Single Membership    £35.00

Joint Member              £60.00

Visitors                      £2.50 per Evening (Maximum 3No Visits)


19.Only PAID UP Members are eligible to vote at business meetings and to enter Competitions.

                              Social Members & Visitors are NOT eligible to vote. Facebook Group exclusivly for members of the club


20.When BUSINESS is transacted at a General Meeting, seven days of notice of the items to be discussed shall be given.


21.The COMMITTEE may at any time, call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club by giving 7 days of notice. Such meeting may also be on the written request of one – third of the club’s membership providing fourteen days of notice are given.




22.No RULES shall be made, altered or rescinded without the consent of the majority of two thirds of the members present at a General Meeting (With the exception of the Competition Rules).


23. The ARRANGEMENTS for the Loan of Club equipment shall be as decided by the Committee.


24. In the EVENT of there being insufficient members for the club to continue, All monies to be donated to Local charities as nominated at the time of closure. Members to be given the option to purchase the clubs equipment, and the remainder to be donated to Local schools.


25.Any PERSON desiring to join  `Colyford & District Photographic Club’, shall be required to:


26.Complete a Membership application form, for consideration by the committee.


27.Appear before the Committee before their membership can be accepted, if required to do so.


28Existing MEMBERS will also be required to complete a membership application form for record purposes.